alive in you all the people say baseball song be with me beautiful day behold the lamb of god carry on come run with me doolin eternity everlasting love excelsior falling falling in love father, please gloria glory god's chosen one hail, mary happy are we help us if we walk in this moment it's time jesus, the lord kyrie let us recall live live, jesus, live lord's prayer love will find a way may the lord my love one day one step forward place of mine prayer of st. francis see them song of gathering take, lord taking time taste and see thank you thanks for saying hi that's when i'll be the will of god this could be those who dwell we are bread, we are body we are called we are the presence of god wherever you go you are the voice your hands


Silently I stare. Watching crowds go by.
Waiting for my world to change while everybodyís worlds change so easy.
Wondering how life will be and who Iíll be when all this waiting leaves me.
Come on down. Stay with me.
Help me find what all this means.
Hold my head up high.
Hold me when I cry.

This is new to me. Always in control.
Everything I have in life always happens on my time. Thatís changing.
I know that itís worth waiting for, but how long must I wait before it breaks me?
Take my hand. Help me see
What my life has planned for me.
Hold my head up high.
Hear me asking why.

Never in my life have I wanted more.
Every single passing day this need grows more than words can say. Itís in me.
Maybe I was meant to find the patience and the strength that lie within me.
Time goes on. Never slow.
Seasons come. Seasons go.
My longing is too great.
For this I swear Iíll wait

This longing is too great.
For you I swear Iíll wait.