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I'm falling in love.
Each moment, it's you that I'm thinking of.
I just can't say why it took me so long.

I can see it in your eyes.
I can feel it in the way you hold my hand and hold it tight.
You cannot deny you're guilty of what I've confessed to...
Of falling in love.

Each day will come and will seem
Like years unless you're here with me.
So please, please tell me you'll stay here forever.

I cannot understand
Your logic in saying that you and I could never, ever last.
Just throw aside the millions of issues that haunt you
And look at me.

I can see.
I can see that you love me,
That you're happy.

I believe.
I believe that together, we could be happy forever.
Just you and me.
Don't you agree?

I can open your eyes.
I can make you realize that what we have right here could work.
If you'll let me try, I'll show you that you and I were intended
To be more than just friends.
And as wrong as you once were, it's forgotten and I don't care.
I love you, and what's better...
I know you love me.

I'm falling in love.

I have fallen in love.